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Easily create risks and their controls in minutes with RiskTrend's powerful features. Track the evolution of your risks over time as your project progresses. Straightforward collaboration with others in your team.

Easy analysis of your current risk profile

Analyze your data with ease, in whatever way suits you best.

  • Balanced Matrix

    Understand the range of margin impacts (positive or negative) surrounding the most-likely outcome. Use this information to drive your team to strive for the most favorable outcome.

  • Categories

    Categorize your risks in whatever way makes sense to you. Visual risk data is displayed on the dashboard to show the relative sizes of threats and opportunities in each category.

  • Impacts

    Both financial and schedule impacts can be captured for any risk. Total count of risks with financial and schedule impacts are displayed separately so you can ensure your team are fully considering the possible outcomes of the risks.

Track your risk profile over time

Tracking your risk profile over time gives you the power to understand how your risks are evolving and changing as you move through your project, as well as how effectively you are able to manage them.

  • Is your project getting more or less risky?

    Total risk valuation in comparison to your cost to complete. This allows you to understand what the relative size of the risk exposure (or opportunity) versus the amount of work to go. Compare the total risk in percentage terms from the start of your project as you progress through to the end.

  • How have you moved from last period?

    In project management it is essential to compare the movement of your risks in comparison to last period (typically monthly or weekly). This is displayed on the overview dashboard for almost all parameters.

  • Track the evolution of individual risks

    Track changes on a granular scale by drilling down on individual risks. Likelihood and deterministic outcome are both graphed over time to show how a risk has changed since it was identified.

Focus on Controls

Focusing on controls is where “the rubber hits the road” in terms of managing your risks and therefore optimizing your project. RiskTrend makes it easy to identify big risk items that are not being managed effectively, so you can focus your efforts on addressing these by exception.

  • By risk rating

    RiskTrend identifies the number of risks in each risk rating level that have no open controls. Any un-controlled risks in the higher risk rating categories can be easily seen and focused upon.

  • Top 10 Opportunities and Threats

    The top10 opportunities and threats are summarized on the overview dashboard. A precis of the open controls in included so you can easily gauge the quality of the mitigations to your top risks.

Risk Register

Risk items are captured in a risk register, together with their controls (the strategies of how the risks are to be managed) and the associated actions, which each have an owner and a completion date.

  • Risk Register

    Risk items are captured in a risk register, together with their controls (the strategies of how the risks are to be managed) and the associated actions, which each have an owner and a completion date.

  • Risk on a page

    Drill down to risk-on-a-page, which shows all the information associated with an individual risk, including controls and actions and trending over time. Changes can be made directly in the system from here…

  • Export and import

    Prefer to work in spreadsheets? No problem. Export your data capture updates on your favorite spreadsheet software—in seconds.

Secure and trusted cloud tool

RiskTrend lives in the cloud, making online collaboration with your team members quick and easy. But rest assured that it is secure and trusted on many large and small projects throughout Australia.

  • Secure cloud tool

    RiskTrend deploys state-of-the-art security measures to keep your data safe at all times.

  • Trusted by the top tier

    RiskTrend is deployed on over $20BN of live projects in Australia right now. It is trusted by several of the largest tier-one contractors in the construction industry.

Trusted by tier-one contractors on more than
$20 billion of live projects in Australia.

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